Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Best Vaporizers of 2012

Looking for the best vaporizer of 2012? We just updated our list of the best home and portable vaporizers based on price, weed conservation, and amount of vapor produced. Our vaporizer reviews include links to the best deals on the web as well as tips and tricks, recommended temperature settings, pictures, and much more.

As dedicated tokers who are also on a budget, we feel the best vaporizers this year include the Da Buddha Vaporizer, the WISPR, Arizer Solo, the Extreme Q, the Volcano Vaporizer, and the Magic Flight Launch Box.

Vaporizing is becoming much more popular these days, which is awesome, but a bigger market also means that there are cheap, unhealthy vaporizers being made. It's important to seek out vaporizers made from high quality materials and with ceramic heating units such as the Arizer Solo as opposed to chintzy vaporizers that use electrical heating units. After all, you are using these machines to put vapor into your lungs!

We have removed some of the best vaporizers of 2011 from our list to make way for new favorites. For instance, the Iolite Portable Vaporizer versus the WISPR Portable Vaporizer: the WISPR wins big time! The WISPR produces more vapor and has zero butane aftertaste. Check it out.

The Extreme Q is a personal favorite that we use every day, but recently was downgraded to four stars on our list because we've noticed many older models of the Extreme Q being sold for super cheap prices. Make sure you buy your Extreme Q Vaporizer from a reputable vendor such as VapeWorld.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Extreme Q: Top Five Tips & Tricks

  1. Preheat the cyclone bowl. Turn on the Extreme Q and heat to 392 F, then place an empty cyclone bowl on the unit's heating element for 5-10 minutes. When the bowl is hot to the touch, load it with your pre-ground weed. This ensures that when you add your herb, the vape will start producing strong vapor right away, while at the same time not cooking your weed before you're ready to hit it.
  2. Clean the whip screen.  The screen in the middle of the cyclone bowl doesn't get very clogged, but the bowl-shaped whip screen certainly does. You can scrape it clean with the glass poker between sessions, or better yet soak the screen in alcohol for an hour, then rinse off with water. Voila! You now have a fresh screen with no need to buy a back-up. Bigger, cleaner hits on the way!
  3. Don't load small bowls.  There should be weed enough to cover the round, bottom screen in the cyclone bowl completely.  If you've loaded too little, air will flow around the herb and not through it, which will does produce optimal vapor. A good rule of thumb is to load a teaspoon into the bowl if you are smoking alone or with a friend.
  4. Breath in for 13 seconds.  Knowing how fast or slow to take a hit can be confusing at first, so I just tell people to try and hit the vape for 13 seconds straight, if possible.  This will force you to take the hit at a reasonable speed. Draw in slowly for best effect.
  5. Have a re-smoke routine. Yes, you can re-smoke the same bowl. Be sure to remove the cyclone bowl promptly after the first session and allow the weed to cool. When ready to hit again, warm the Extreme Q to 392, stir the weed in the cyclone bowl AND the bowl-shaped screen in the whip, then let the cyclone bowl heat up for 3-5 minutes. Puff and pull with your breath to get the maximum exposure from all sides of the ground-up weed. 

For more information on the Extreme Q, see our full review. Or if you want to buy it, just head on over to Arizer for the latest, greatest model.

      Monday, April 25, 2011

      What Is the Best Vaporizer?

      We see this question posted on Q&A sites and forums all of the time.  These days, every stoner has an opinion on which vaporizer is the best.  Many will tell you to stick with the classic Volcano Vaporizer.  Some prefer portable vaporizers like the Magic Flight Launch Box.

      Not one to be left out of the party, here's our 2 cents.

      If you want the absolute best vaporizer for the money, you should check out the Extreme Q vaporizer by Arizer.  Not only will this vape hit you like a freight train, it will conserve your pot, and most importantly, your lungs.

      Reasons we love the Extreme Q:
      • Easy to use screen lets you know exactly what temperature the machine is at.
      • Ridiculously strong hits.  Be prepared for [11]
      • Conserves weed.  A well loaded bowl should provide 6-10 strong hits.
      • Not insanely expensive.  At $299, this is a far better deal than the Volcano.

      I've used many vapes in my life, but I always come back to this one.  If you have means, do yourself a favor and pick one up ASAP.  For more tips and information, check out our full review.

      As far as buying advice, there are many shops that will sell you one, and perhaps toss in a small bonus gift.  When I bought mine, I got it from Vapeworld.  I love Vapeworld, however if I were to buy again, I would get it straight from Arizer.  This guarantees that you get the newest model, with the best build quality.

      P.S.  Please note, there are some sites that will offer them for less than the listed price of $299, however often they are selling just the machine and no accessories.  Many of the accessories are required for operation.  You have been warned.

      Friday, February 11, 2011

      Sunday, February 6, 2011

      Best Vaporizers Is Here to Help!

      Looking for the best vaporizer of 2011? Best Vaporizers has reviews, pictures, tips/tricks, and the hottest deals on the web for what we believe to be the six best vaporizers on the market. We created this site to give you our honest reviews from vaporizers that we owned and toked from, including the Extreme Q, the Volcano Vaporizer, the Magic Flight Launch Box, and more.

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